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What happens when a student doesn’t seem to grasp English material, despite displaying aptitude in other areas?

Or, what if a student participating in EL studies is not progressing at the expected pace?


For students in these situations - and many others - districts can turn to the Woodcock-Muñoz Language Survey III® (WMLS™ III), the trusted measure of language proficiency.


Designed for use with examinees as young as 3 and as
old as 22, WMLS III provides quick and reliable assessment in the areas of listening, speaking, reading, and writing to determine language dominance and proficiency. The WMLS III can also offer examiners insight into whether a student's learning deficits are solely language related.

WMLS III also features:


• All-new norms, item content, and artwork
• Support for assessing and monitoring language proficiency in dual language programs
• New test organization that helps examiners efficiently evaluate and monitor basic and applied language skills
• New checklists to better illustrate the impact of language background and academic language exposure on test results
• Two English forms and one Spanish form to help determine language proficiency, eligibility for EL services, and
readiness for English-only instruction


Plus, the WMLS III is the first test in the Woodcock assessment family to offer a Digital Test Record! To learn more about the Digital Test Record, click here!


Use the WMLS III to...

  • Determine language proficiency (English/Spanish)

  • Assess Spanish EL students in their native language

  • Confirm whether learning deficits are language related

  • Determine oral language dominance (English/Spanish)

  • Monitor growth or change in language ability
  • Determine eligibility for bilingual education/ESL services

  • Assess readiness for English-only instruction ... and more!

Restriction Level



Testing Ages

WMLS III may be used with examinees age 3 -

22 years, 11 months.

Time to Test

55 minutes for the entire test; 25 minutes for screening.


Richard W. Woodock 

Criselda G. Alvarado 

Mary L. Ruef 

Fredrick A. Schrank



An Introduction to the WMLS III

This brief video provides a high-level overview of the instrument.

Selective Testing Information - English Form

This chart details all  available scoring clusters as well as the subtests required for their creation.

English STT.png
Spanish STT.png

Selective Testing Information - Spanish Form

This chart details all  available scoring clusters as well as the subtests required for their creation.


The WMLS III Digital Test Record

Looking to streamline your WMLS III administration, scoring, and reporting? 


The WMLS III Digital Test Record (DTR) is your key to easy administration, real-time scoring, and immediate reporting. Available as an alternative purchase to paper test records, the DTR allows for:


  • Immediate input of item-level data during administration with automatic score generation

  • Guided administration with basal and ceiling rules

  • Real-time in the moment scores


Guided administration ensures the correct establishment of basal and ceiling rules, increases the fidelity of the assessment and ensures accurate administration across all examiners. 


The DTR will become available in your WMLS III Scoring and Reporting platform following purchase. When adding examinees, simply choose to add a Digital Test Record.


The Test Session Overview Page


...will house all your identifying information, as well as your Language Background and Test Session Observations.


Throughout administration, you can also return to this page to see the test progress and scores.  Not all testing needs to be completed during a single session, so you can also come here to remind yourself what testing has already been completed, or how the child previously performed.

You can navigate throughout the Digital Test Record by test.  


All information entered is saved immediately, so loss of internet connection during administration is never an issue with your test data. 


For each test, the scoring instructions are made available so you don’t have to toggle between the test book and the Digital Test Record.  You choose your Suggested Starting Point, and the DTR will guide you to the first item.


Once you start administration, the DTR will continue to guide you through establishing a basal and ceiling. If basal is not established, you will be guided back to where you should start testing. When basal is obtained, the DTR will alert you.

Recording responses is easy.


Simply click 1 or 0, or scroll to see additional response scores.


For Test 2, Oral Comprehension, the audio files for the test are built right into each item.  When ready to administer, simply click the speaker icon, and the audio for that item will play. 


You will be notified immediately once ceiling is reached, allowing you to move expeditiously on to the next test, test the limits, or move to an entirely different subtest. 



If you skip an item, either by mistake or because you were not sure how to score it, the Digital Test Record will alert you to confirm that you meant to do so.


Once administration is complete, commit your test record as usual. Test scores will be immediately available in the

WMLS III Online Scoring and Reporting Platform.

The WMLS III Digital Test Record is available now! Ask your Account Executive for more details today, or complete our contact form at the bottom of the page to learn more!

Sample Reports


Sample Teacher Report

WMLS III Assessment Results


...are calculated in real time through a streamlined, web-based scoring and reporting platform—accessible for free with a test record purchase.

The Teacher Report includes a plot of scores as well as a narrative description of the student’s results.


The Parent Report includes a plot of scores and language proficiency definitions to help parents better understand their child’s performance. The Parent Report can be generated in English or Spanish.


The new Roster Report allows users to report on multiple examinees at once using Language Proficiency Level, Relative Proficiency Index, Percentile Rank with Band, and/or Standard Scores. The Group version of this report aggregates results for the selected examinees.


The new Progress Monitoring report makes it easy to compare student progress and proficiency over a given period of time. This report is available in English and Spanish.

Sample Parent Report (English)

Sample Parent Report (Spanish)

Sample Roster Report

Sample Group Report

Sample Progress Monitoring Report

The WMLS III Teacher and Parent Intervention System

Available via Separate Subscription


This enhancement to WMLS III online scoring offers the following in both English and Spanish outputs:

• Classroom interventions and diagnostic statements based on test results


• Book recommendations based on tested ability


• EL program recommendations and second-language scaffolding


• Leveled reader recommendations to provide “just right” support with specific references to BOLDPRINT® titles and Rigby® PM Books

• Home-based activities to promote family participation in language instruction


Plus, for those districts that have Escalate English®, English 3D®, or On Our Way to English®, the Teacher and Parent Intervention System provides curriculum recommendations that include second language scaffolding.


These valuable reports help you connect students with premiere HMH® content, providing the best learning opportunities available.

Click below to access our sample reports!

Sample TPIS

Teacher Report

Sample TPIS

Parent Report

Sample TPIS

Parent Report (Spanish)


Webinars and Other Resources

Check out recordings of previous webinars, access Assessment Service Bulletins and more!


WMLS III Assessment Service Bulletin 1


This Assessment Service Bulletin provides readers with an understanding of the test content, process, and construct delineations of the WMLS III within a Cattell-Horn Carroll (CHC) theory framework, enabling evaluators to maximize the powerful interpretive features of the battery.

WMLS III Assessment Service Bulletin #1

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