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Supporting a new era of CHC theory, the WJ IV Tests of Cognitive
Abilities contain the greatest breadth of cognitive abilities of any
standardized body of tests. New tests and clusters have been
designed to place emphasis on the most useful measures for
identifying individuals’ patterns of strengths and weaknesses
through seven different broad CHC abilities.


The WJ IV Tests of Cognitive Abilities also offer a new Gf-Gc
Composite for comparison with other cognitive abilities, oral
language, and achievement. Understanding relative strengths
and weaknesses in comparison to the Gf-Gc Composite can lead
to individualized instruction designed to target identified
learning needs.


Plus, all-new working memory, perceptual speed, and
phonological processing measures help pinpoint cognitive
correlates of learning problems, while a new easy-to-use,
intracognitive variation procedure allows documentation of
cognitive strengths and weaknesses.


Examiners will enjoy administrative flexibility and interpretive
clarity with the WJ IV Tests of Cognitive Abilities alone; however,
combining administrations of the co-normed WJ IV Tests of
Achievement and Tests of Oral Language will increase diagnostic
capability and sensitivity.

WJ IV Tests of Cognitive Abilities with Case

Use the Cognitive Battery to...

  • Pinpoint cognitive correlates of learning problems

  • Measure aspects of seven different broad CHC abilities

  • Capture Gf-Gc composite, Gwm clusters, and other scores for interpretation

Restriction Level



Testing Ages

The Tests of Achievement may be used with examinees

age 2 - 90+.

Time to Test

A typical administration requires 5 - 10 minutes per subtest.


Fredrick A. Schrank 

Kevin S. McGrew 

Nancy Mather

Thoughts on CHC Theory

In this interview, WJ IV co-author

Dr. Kevin McGrew discusses what it means to support a new era of CHC theory with the WJ IV Tests of Cognitive Abilities.

New Tests and Clusters

Take a quick look at the Tests and Clusters exclusive to the WJ IV Tests of Cognitive Abilities.


Selective Testing Information

This chart details all  available scoring clusters as well as the subtests required for their creation.

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