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Actionable, Streamlined Interpretation for

Take your WJ IV and ECAD test results even further with the the latest version of the trusted
Woodcock-Johnson scoring companion.


The WJ IV Interpretation and Instructional Interventions Program™ (WIIIP) streamlines the report interpretation process by providing personalized interventions and accommodations based on an individual’s WJ IV and ECAD results.


WIIIP also offers a number of unique checklists that can help provide critical anecdotal testing information, including:


• Reason for Referral Checklist

• Parent’s Checklist: School Age
• Teacher’s Checklist: School Age
• Parent’s Checklist: Preschool Age
• Teacher’s Checklist: Preschool Age
• Classroom Behavior Observation Form
• Self-Report Checklist: Adolescent/Adult
• Writing Evaluation Scale


Plus, with the addition of the WJ IV Dyslexia Report, a WIIIP subscription offers even more utility. This new report provides a conceptual framework for the evaluation of dyslexia. It also:


• Contains new dyslexia Evaluation checklists

• Organizes and presents assessment results in a manner useful for determining if students are demonstrating dyslexia characteristics 

• Aids in diagnostic decision making and intervention planning

• Assists school teams with program eligibility decisions

Use WIIIP to...

  • Jump-start your WJ IV and ECAD interpretations

  • Implement research-based interventions

  • Access a comprehensive database with hundreds of new research-based interventions linked to WJ IV and ECAD

  • Conduct classroom observations and evaluate writing skills

  • Easily gather anecdotal parent and teacher information with specified checklists

The Dyslexia Report includes formative and evidence-based interventions tied to the examinee’s unique test results, and can be used with other WIIIP checklists to provide a comprehensive profile of an examinee’s abilities. View a sample report below!

Restriction Level



Testing Ages

WIIIP is designed to supplement the WJ IV and ECAD, and is appropriate for use with examinees age 2 - 90+.



Fredrick A. Schrank 

Barbara J. Wendling

Richard W. Woodcock



An Introduction to WIIIP

This brief video provides a high-level overview of the application.

Sample Reports


Sample WJ IV

Comprehensive Report

Sample ECAD

Comprehensive Report

Sample Dyslexia Report - Tests of Achievement


Webinars and Other Resources

Check out recordings of previous webinars, access Assessment Service Bulletins and more!

Assessment Service Bulletin #5


In this Assessment Service Bulletin, the authors of the WIIIP discuss its features. Example excerpts as well as a complete sample report are provided.

WJ Perspectives - Relevance in Cognitive Assessment, the WJ IV COG, and the WIIIP

Barbara J. Wendling

 Assessment Service Bulletin #5

WJ Perspectives Article



WJ Perspectives: Early Identification Leads to Early Intervention with ECAD and WIIIP

Fredrick A. Schrank, Ph.D., ABPP

WJ Perspectives Article

WJ Perspectives - Responding to School Psychology Practice Needs: ECAD and WIIIP

Fredrick A. Schrank, Ph.D., ABPP

WJ Perspectives Article

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