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K-12 Social Skills Learning Made Easy!

The Social Express® is a fun and easy-to-use social-emotional learning tool for K-12 students.


Appropriate for use with special needs students, students with social-emotional learning challenges, or even with mainstream classrooms, The Social Express addresses the important social skills students will need to successfully navigate their world.


The Social Express employs interactive webisodes with fun, animated friends that help teach students how to think about and manage social situations, helping them develop meaningful social relationships and succeed in life. Students can learn and practice successful social interactions in a safe, controlled, and familiar learning environment.


Potential benefits include the ability to:

• Identify feelings in others
• Understand the importance of eye contact
• Read nonverbal social cues
• Identify appropriate coping strategies
• Learn how to start conversations
• Learn how to be part of a group


Check out our sample webisodes below!


The Social Express can...

  • Increase students’ ability to identify feelings in others

  • Prepare students to read nonverbal social cues and
    appropriately interpret “hidden” social rules

  • Ease students’ difficulty in starting conversations

  • Help students learn how to engage as part of a group

  • Improve students’ ability to identify appropriate coping strategies ... and more!

Restriction Level




The Social Express is appropriate for use with students in Grades K - 12.


Can be used in 1:1 settings, small groups, classrooms, or as a self-directed exercise for students.

Time Required



Sample Webisodes

Student Management


The Central Station Student Management System is the gateway to The Social Express experience.


This dashboard makes it simple, fun, and easy


• Create student groups
• Play webisodes
• Report on student progress
• Target IEP goals
• Manage teacher users


The Clubhouse offers students a private network that's a great tool making friends with other Social Express members in the district as well as a safe way to learn about social media.


The Clubhouse is COPPA (Child Online Privacy Protection Act) compliant.


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