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Note: You may experience a delay in receiving materials for Paper Administration Hand Scoring. Riverside Insights™
is working diligently to get all materials printed and assembled for delivery. Expect delivery of Paper Administration materials by the end of February.


In regards to LEA procurement packages, Texas School Districts may order the Riverside Insights Iowa Assessments, Form F, for Reclassification directly from Riverside Insights under the authority of the Texas Education Agency (TEA) resulting from Contract # 4023. The state-wide contract contains all standard and education-related terms and conditions that are required by the State of Texas for the purchase of education assessments, including certifications and representations. Therefore, Texas School Districts can order the Iowa Assessments on the provided order forms and will be billed by Riverside Insights for their purchases. No other district-level procurement forms are necessary for the transactions.

​For informational and procurement purposes, you may also access a letter that was issued by the TEA to all Texas school district superintendents on December 6, 2019. Click here to access the letter.

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