The WJ IV Tests of Oral Language can be used to determine and
describe an individual’s strengths and weaknesses with regard
to expressive language. The 12-test battery includes nine
English tests and three Spanish tests, all of which are included in
a single test easel. Depending on the purpose and extent of the
assessment, an examiner can use any of these tests
independently or in conjunction with the WJ IV COG and/or WJ IV


Several of the battery’s tests were derived from material in the
WJ III® Tests of Achievement and Tests of Cognitive Abilities,
however, a unique feature of the WJ IV Tests of Oral Language is the provision of three parallel tests in Spanish (Vocabulario
sobre dibujos—Picture Vocabulary, Comprensión Oral—Oral
Comprehension, and Comprensión de indicaciones—
Understanding Directions).


Although the format is the same as the English versions, the
tests have different items in Spanish. When appropriate, these
tests can be administered to help determine an individual’s
language abilities and to compare an individual’s proficiency on
English and Spanish language tasks through the Comparative
Language Index (CLI).


Dual administration may be helpful in classifying the individual’s
language proficiency as is frequently required in bilingual or
English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) programs. Additionally,
teachers can gain a better understanding of the individual’s
language abilities in order to make more informed educational
placement and instructional decisions.

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Use the Oral Language Battery to...

  • Measure four aspects of oral language in English and Spanish

  • Compare English to Spanish oral language ability

  • Gather language-related insights into observed learning problems


Restriction Level



Testing Ages

The Tests of Oral Language may be used with examinees

age 2 - 90+.

Time to Test

A typical administration requires 5 - 10 minutes per subtest.


Fredrick A. Schrank 

Kevin S. McGrew 

Nancy Mather

Overview of the WJ IV Tests of Oral Language

This brief video overview covers the key points of the WJ IV Tests of Oral Language.

New Tests and Clusters

Take a quick look at the Tests and Clusters exclusive to the WJ IV Tests of Oral Language.

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Selective Testing Information

This chart details all  available scoring clusters as well as the subtests required for their creation.

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